Crystal Pro Max 4000 Fresh Mint


Crystal Pro Max 4000 – Fresh Mint

Who is this flavor for?

The Crystal Pro Max 4000 – Fresh Mint is ideal for vapers who crave a clean, crisp, and refreshing experience. If you enjoy the cool and invigorating sensation of mint, this flavor is perfect for you. It’s tailored for those looking for a straightforward and rejuvenating vaping experience.

Why should you try this flavor?

Experience the invigorating and refreshing taste of Crystal Pro Max 4000 – Fresh Mint, a flavor that delivers a pure and crisp mint sensation with every puff. The inhale greets you with the cool and revitalizing essence of fresh mint, providing an immediate and refreshing lift to your senses. As you exhale, the clean and crisp minty notes linger, leaving your palate feeling refreshed and invigorated. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a simple yet satisfying minty experience, ideal for cleansing the palate or as an all-day vape. With the reliable and long-lasting performance of the Crystal Pro Max 4000, you can enjoy the delightful Fresh Mint flavor all day long, ensuring a cool and refreshing vaping experience from start to finish.


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