Crystal Prime 7000 Pineapple Ice



Crystal Prime 7000 Pineapple Ice

Flavor Profile:

Escape to a tropical paradise with the invigorating taste of Crystal Prime 7000 Pineapple Ice. This delightful blend features the sweet and tangy essence of ripe pineapples, perfectly balanced with a cool, refreshing menthol finish. Each puff delivers the vibrant and juicy flavor of fresh pineapples, complemented by a crisp, icy exhale that refreshes your palate and elevates your vaping experience.

Who is this flavor for?

Pineapple Ice is perfect for vapers who love the taste of tropical fruits with a cooling twist. If you enjoy the juicy sweetness of pineapples and crave a refreshing, minty finish, this flavor is crafted just for you. Ideal for those seeking a revitalizing and exotic vape, Pineapple Ice is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of the tropics to their day.

Why should you try this flavor?

Indulge in the tropical refreshment of Crystal Prime 7000 Pineapple Ice. This flavor offers a masterfully balanced blend of sweet pineapple and cool menthol, creating a uniquely satisfying vaping experience. Perfect for hot summer days or whenever you need a refreshing escape, Pineapple Ice promises to keep your taste buds delighted and your senses invigorated. Try this flavor to enjoy a crisp, tropical breeze in every puff.


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